Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lipstick Basics

These are my favorite staple lipstick colors: Classic red, bubblegum pink, pinkish red, and a pale neutral. I'm fair skinned, so if you have a richer skin tone than me (which most people do), then you'll probably be able to rock other colors. 

Some things I've been enjoying lately:
+ The ukulele capo that Conrad secretly ordered me! It came in the mail yesterday, and I've hardly stopped playing since then. I can now play all my favorite songs in a singable key! You can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to sing a love song to Conrad and post it all over the internet. Expect it soon. Or within the year. Maybe.
+ The chili and cornbread we had for dinner. Fastest meal ever. Chili-in-a-can is so delicious, especially the kind without beans. We've just started working on portion control, and the two of us shared the can. I had one cornbread muffin, and he had two. Off to a good start!
+ The white ceramic elephant I bought recently. I saw it at Michael's on sale, and new I had to have it. I even bought an extra one, in case we get invited to a White Elephant party at Christmas. No one will see it coming. I'm so clever. 
+ The enormous Restoration Hardware catalog that came in the mail. It's my vice. If I'm fantasizing about something, it's probably grand-scale furniture and high ceilings. If there was ever a good reason to save money, it was so I could buy a $15,000 couch (outrageous, I know, but so beautiful).
+ Spring Break, Day 3 of which has commenced. So far, my plans are to catch up on laundry from the weekend, stock up on groceries, clean Ninners' cage, buy my books for next semester, sell my books from last semester, and apply for a job. Yay for chores...

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