Saturday, April 28, 2012

An ode written for a husband. And an assignment.

Last semester I had to write a poem as part of an assignment, so I drew from my biggest inspiration (gross, sappy, I'll stop). Essentially, his imperfections and traits that drive me crazy are some of the things that make him perfect for me and totally unique among other men. GAW I'm so in love. 

Your eyes are like a foggy day,
Grey-blue, and moist,
And they look at me happily every morning.
Your lip is scarred and asymmetrical,
And it kisses me loudly, right in my ear, when I’m sleeping.
Your hair is mousy and coarse,
And grows much too fast.
And your face is prickly,
And your nuzzling makes my skin raw.
Your nose is big,
And pokes me in the face when we kiss,
And smudges my glasses when we hug.
You are long, and we both trip over your limbs
When we flirt and chase each other around the house.
Your belly is evident,
Proof that you like my cooking.
Your hands have palms that are calloused and rough,
Especially around your left ring finger.
And they have fingernails are jagged and bitten low;
They snag my clothes and hair –
Always just minutes before I have to be somewhere.
Those hands only touch me lovingly.
Your skin is tan and warm.
Your feet are huge, they step on me and trip me;
And they wrap around my cold feet while I’m falling asleep.

Is it any wonder?

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