Friday, April 6, 2012

Surprise Blood Oranges

We all know how I love citrus. [On a semi-related note, due to the positive response and general fun-ness of the Sweet and Sour post, I'm considering turning it into a weekly or bi-weekly post! Let me know your thoughts on the subject.] I went to Costco the other day on my quest to find some delicious citrus in bulk. I brought them home and cut them open to find that they are actually some magical kind of orange-blood-orange hybrid. And they are delicious. And they taste like summer. And oranges. All I need now is a hot day and a cute bathing suit. And a Bachelor's Degree. Then it will really be summer. The pictures above don't really show exactly how red they are, but if you compare the color of the peel to the color of the inside, you can tell how red they are.

Sweet and Sour
Sweet- Almost done with school! Only one more semester after what is, hopefully, a glorious spring break.
Sour- The amount of cleaning I need to do over said spring break. Also, I need to get a job.

Sweet- Visiting my family over Easter
Sour- Going home

Sweet- Jogging farther than I've ever gone without stopping/dying
Sour- Jogging

Sweet- Finally got new contacts in the correct prescription
Sour- If I wear my glasses, I still can't see, which means I need new glasses.

Post your Sweet and Sours in the comments! Also, let me know what you think about turning this into a link-up.


  1. Mmm, citrus! Those look yummy.
    I would definitely do a "Sweet and Sour" link up.
    Today, mine would go something like this:

    Sweet: Finished writing my second novel!
    Sour: Now I have to send it to agents. Bracing myself for loads of rejection letters.

    Sweet: The weekend is almost here!
    Sour: I can't celebrate until I finish the laundry...sad story.

    Happy Easter!
    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  2. Cute post, and I too love citrus...very summery! Tangerines are my favorite, btw.

    And now my "sweet and Sour" contribution (nice idea!!):

    Sweet: my son is over for Easter
    Sour: he leaves in two days

    Sweet: I've found that satisfaction increases over time when teaching
    Sour: so does homework correction

    or perhaps an invert:

    Sour: my PC is slowly saying goodbye
    Sweet: I should get an ipad in a few months

    Cheers, and a happy Easter to you! *-*


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