Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You know you're an online senior when...

1. The phrase "c's get degrees" becomes "d's get degrees" and it's no longer used as a joke. It's a legitimate motto.
2. You wear your bathrobe all day every day and don't care one bit.
3. You find excuses to leave the house so that if you happen to not do your homework, it was because you were "busy," and not because you watched 300 episodes of Frasier.
4. Some of the books you ordered for class don't even get opened, and you still get a B. You've been at this whole "college thing" for years now. You know how it works.
5. You get a D+ on a final, and shake it off because you passed it, it's over, and you're one semester closer to being done.
6. You're thinking more about the vacation after graduation than the actual graduation.
7. You fantasize daily about all the things you'd do if you didn't have homework, but then you don't actually spend much time on homework anyway. At the end of the day, you probably could have done some of those things and been no worse off. Like go to Palm Springs.
8. A huge stack of books no longer intimidates you.

Take that, school!


  1. My last semester was also the one before I got married... Pretty much my sentiments exactly. I was retaking Spanish Lit for the third time and still barely passed it!

    Good luck with senioritis, cutie! And check out my communications on Twitter.

    Miss you <3


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