Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Best Friend

If you grew up America, you've probably had Lucky Charms. And if you have a beating heart, you loved them. And you wished with all your heart that you had a whole bowl full of marshmallows without the cereal part. And unless you put in a lot of effort and wasted a lot of cereal, your wish would not come true. Consider me a leprechan, because I'm here to bring you news and grant your wish: you can have a whole container full of those delightful, crunchy mallows. Go buy them at Target. 

In totally unrelated news, it was sunny today! I went on a brisk walk with a friend around the Lagoon this morning, then we went and got smoothies, laid out in the sunshine and read magazines, then we went and got custom gourmet burgers. One of the funnest outings I've had in a while. 

Here are my culinary recommendations.
Smoothie of the day:
Carrot juice with a banana, frozen vanilla yogurt, cinnamon, and ice, all blended together. Tastes like carrot cake.
Burger of the day:
Beef patty on a wheat bun with fried red onion rings, barbeque sauce, American cheese, lettuce and tomato.


  1. I am seriously going to buy these.... YUM!
    And that smoothie sounds SO good! Genius.

  2. Are these like the ones that come with the Swiss Miss hot chocolate? If so, I'm going to get some.


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