Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet and Sour


There's always something sweet and sour about a bouquet of flowers. They're so pretty and they smell good, but they'll only last a few days before they wilt and turn brown. I got this bouquet at church on Sunday (just for being awesome, I guess?). I'm a sucker for tangerine roses. I don't like the way roses smell, but I think they look so pretty, and these orange ones go so well with the white hydrangeas!

Sweet: I can't stop eating Talenti Gelato. CAN NOT STOP. It is literally sweet.
Sour: So many calories. Even my daily hike can't support this habit. 

Sweet: Being out in the sun every day. I wear a sports bra or tank top on my hikes, so my shoulders are getting some good color.
Sour: A sports bra/racer-back tanline. And potential skin cancer.

Sweet: School's end is so close! July 21 is my official Commencement date!
Sour: What in the world will I do with myself when I'm not slaving over books? 

Sweet: Tracy Chapman. I keep humming her stuff, which transforms into me singing, which turns into full-body movements of pure soul. I've never felt whiter than when I say I have soul. 
Sour: Is Tracy Chapman a male or female? The name Tracy is kind of ambiguous. As is the voice. And the Whoopi-esque clothing which leaves people confused. 

Sweet: The coming Memorial Day weekend, which Conrad has off from work.
Sour: The fact that we'll be spending most of it doing chores, fixes, and side jobs. No relaxation for us!

P.S. Since we're going out of town for the summer, we're going to rent our condo for the week we're gone! I'll post pictures of the house if anyone's interested. If you or anyone you know would like to come to Carlsbad, San Diego during the third or fourth week in July, email me at tesiahwilk@yahoo.com. 


  1. Talenti gelato is made of pure and delicious evil. I might have to go get some now. Like, now.

    1. SO EVIL! Have you tried the coconut flavor? Sin.

  2. Thanks for adding me on twitter, your blog is darling! Can't wait to read more


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