Friday, May 11, 2012

Tea for the non-tea drinker



Because of my religion (and slight tendency toward addiction), I don’t drink coffee or tea (though my personal view on using coffee in desserts is rather lenient). However, I love drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea to wind down at night.
Quick fact about tea: Herbal, flower, and fruit teas are not actually tea. Tea is the plant that real tea is made from. I guess it’s more fitting to call them steeped beverages.

Some really yummy “teas” that I like to drink are:

Red Rooibos (this link takes you to the tea I bought on Amazon)
Mixed Berry
Apple Spice
Sleepy Time Vanilla

I also bought some stevia plant sugar (Truvia or PureVia brand - I bought Truvia), which is a natural, non-chemical sweetener that has no calories (Equal and Sweet and Low are chemical-based). A nice hot cup of peach tea with Truvia is the best way to wind down at night. If it’s getting late and you’re feeling snacky, have some tea with truvia. The warmth and flavor are a good way to trick your stomach into thinking it’s full, and you can go to bed satisfied without any calories. 

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