Tuesday, May 15, 2012


+ Mother's Day was delicious. Chocolate covered strawberries, teriyaki chicken kabobs, spinach-strawberry-candied-walnut salad... If this is how we celebrate before I have kids, I can't wait for when I'm actually a mom!

+ Date night with Conrad. And Saturday's which aren't consumed with work, but with beach time and conversation and good food. I never get bored with this guy.

+ I set a goal to get an hour of outside time/exercise every day. I started hiking and going on walks, and I bought a Zumba Groupon, and I'm aiming to squeeze some tennis and swimming in there! It gives me a reason to get out of the house each day, plus I get to hang out and chat with a friend, and I get some sun, all on top of the exercise! 

+ I finally did it. I wrangled and wrestled my semester into control. I had the typical two-week grade plummet, breakdown, and self-loathing session that happens every semester, which is followed by intense calendar therapy where I schedule daily assignments in order to keep on top of them. Graduation will be mine!

+ I recently started painting my nails a lot more than I ever used to. Today's color is tangerine. It might be the color for the whole summer.

+ Conrad and I started drinking out of mason jars. Why? Because they hold way more liquid than regular cups, which means I don't have to get up for a refill so often. Also, I like the way they look.

+ I've settled into that heavy cough stage that you go into when you are getting over being sick. And I can't laugh without being sent into a fit of hacking. 

+ Sometimes I catch Conrad humming Christmas songs. Or downright belting them.

+ First embarrassing thing: I posted this button on my blog so you guys could click on it and get to the giveaway page easily. Except the DATE IS WRONG! Friday is the 18th. I'm a doofus. I'm currently changing it. And the date the giveaway closes has been extended. I'll let you know.

+ Second embarrassing thing: I named this post Fill me up, Buttercup because of the song. And then I learned that the song is actually called Build Me Up, not Fill me up. The real name of the song has nothing to do with the post! We'll just pretend like it was a purposeful pun. What is wrong with my brain?

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  1. It sounds like you had an awesome Mom's Day! I love mason jars as well. Every time we buy pasta sauce we keep the jars. We have quite the collection now. :)


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