Monday, May 7, 2012

This is how we spent our weekend


- The weird scratching thing I do with my tongue when the back of my throat itches. It looks so cute, I'm sure. People must look at me like I have an involuntary tic.
- Waking yourself up with whistle-breathing from your one functioning nostril.
- Over-medicating for a cold, and then leaving at 10:30 at night to pick up your husband. For someone like me who's extremely sensitive to medicine, this is all kinds of weird. As I was walking to my car, I was fairly certain that a bear was stalking me [a bear of all things?!]. Paranoia, check. Then I started falling asleep at the wheel. Drowsiness, check. Then I would speak in incoherent sentences and not know it. Total delirium, check. It was probably unsafe for me to be operating heavy machinery [i.e. a car], but for some reason, I insisted on driving home.
- Everything else about being sick. Blowing your nose constantly. Having swollen glands. Having pokey boogers in your nose. The muscle pains and walking like an old lady. The smell of it all. You know.
- Thinking that you only have to take 2 more classes, and you'll get to graduate, but then it turns out that a mistake was made and you have to take 5 more classes. All in the 400 level. And it's past the add classes date.
- Conrad's outfit in the picture above. Casual cargo shorts, a long-sleeved button down, untucked, and a tie. And high socks.
- Parents who continued to pay for my education even after I got married. That's the most awesome ever.
- A husband who still wants to open-mouth kiss me when all of the awkwards are happening. He even went and got me saltines and diet ginger ale late at night. What a stud.
- Trail walks with a girlfriend. If exercise is disguised as a girl's date, I'm much more willing to do it.
- The yard sale that the young women in my ward held this Saturday. Way to wake up early and work hard, girls!

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  1. boo! sorry u have more classes! story of my whole undergraduate life it seemed like. i was all set and ready to graduate like 3 semester in a row. -_- ugghh. u can do it! hang in there!


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