Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boston in October

File:Boston backbay brownstones.jpg

File:USA Massachusetts Boston Foliage.jpg

File:MIT Building 10 and the Great Dome, Cambridge MA.jpg

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You should know by now that Conrad and I have the Travel Bug. It's highly contagious. I had it first. I got it from my parents, and gave it to him when we got married. It truly is like a disease. If we go too long without treating The Bug, it flares up and itches and turns red, and we get the Travel Fever. We're always thinking three vacations ahead. In July, we're heading north to Yellowstone after my graduation. But then what? My temperature rises if there's no vacation in the foreseeable future.

My brother is going to college in the Fall. All the way across the country in Boston. Boston! He'll only be there for one semester before he goes on his mission for two years, so Conrad and I decided we'd better hop on a plane and visit. We'll go in October or November before it gets too cold.

But really, is there anything more magical than the East Coast during Fall? The changing leaves, the historic buildings and town squares, the everything. Last fall we visited Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, and it was spectacular. I can't wait.

The Bug is under control for now.


  1. oh my word - so jealous - new england is fall is my aboslute favorite. i'm from new hampshire, just 40 minutes from boston but i've missed fall being in utah for school the past few years.

    rent a car and drive up the kangamangus highway - or at least take a day and get out of the city (which is fabulous). oh and eat in the north end. and at mikes pastries :)

    1. Good advice! I'm so excited. I bet growing up on the East Coast was just so beautiful.

  2. Loved the post...and the pictures! :)

    Wow, New England must be lovely ... wish I could let my travel bug go free in Sept/Oct for travelling northbound. (I only get July and Jan. off)

    But I hear you about the Bug...making plans myself. Traveling soon, in a couple of weeks, to a city called Sao Paulo. It's HUGE and has lots to see and do. :) Sitting still in one town for too long simply does NOT work for me. People say it's because I'm a Sagittarian. Who knows...

    Anyway, have fun!!

  3. Visiting from the gfc blog hop. I live in the Boston area and I say come early to mid October if you can because it can be pretty cold by november, but Boston is truly magical any time of year!


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