Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

The day this was taken, I had just gotten done playing tennis with my mother-in-law. We were meeting my father-in-law Dan and his brother, Conrad's Uncle Todd, for lunch. I walked through the trees and emerged into the backyard, and this is how they were. They yipped and yelled in their funny hats, and showered me with words of love. "Tess, babe, how are you?" and "Hey, Sweetie, let's share a sandwich." Never would I have imagined I'd have such a loving family-in-law. Dan is like a real dad for me, and he's always treated me like a daughter, not an in-law. Here are some favorite things about my dads.

Loves to work. Loves soda in bulk, like I do. Wears a hilarious farmer-type hat when he's outside. Paints a room faster and more precisely than anyone I've ever seen. Is very frugal. Will never be fat, ever. His dream would be to buy an old plantation home in the South and spend his time fixing it up. Can build anything.

My own dad:
Also loves to work. Loves complex flavors in food. Was a body builder in his thirties. Loves to be in the sun [I have memories of him gardening outside in a swimsuit, stopping every so often to take a dip in the pool or to put some more lemon juice in his hair]. Loves to travel with my mom.

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