Saturday, June 23, 2012

Light Box Photography

I'm loving my new Scrabble tile necklace from Home Studio

Barnes and Noble with Conrad is one of my favorite things to do. We browse our favorite sections (Conrad's are business and computers, mine are crafting and home design) and grab stacks of books that interest us. Then we just find a cozy spot and sit next to each other and delve into our books. Occasionally we'll reach over and touch hands, then go back to our own worlds. 

Last week, one of the books I read was on photography tips. It showed a bunch of different techniques and positions for featuring scenes, products, models, and props. I wish I had bought that book. 

One thing that stuck with me was making a light box. It's super easy and cheap, and it helps you get a really even light for whatever product you're featuring. Here's how to make a light box.


You'll need:
White paper of preferred transparency. If you want minimal light to come through, use cardstock, for more light use regular paper, and for most light use parchment or wax paper.
Art blade
Tape (or glue)
Long strip of regular white paper, or two pieces, attached. I used 2 pieces, but you can kind of see the "seam," so I'd recommend using long paper if you have it.

Using the art blade, cut off the top flap and two side flaps. Also cut out a rectangle on the top and sides of the box. Tape the parchment to the outside of the box as shown above. Attach the long strip of paper to the back of the inside of the box, and allow it to flow forward. 

When taking pictures, place in an area of ample light and position the object where the paper is flat, not slanted. Shoot away!

And now you're just one step closer to having more professional pictures!

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  1. What a great idea for better photos. I'm always & forever struggling with good lighting, even lighting, & even glare from lighting so this is getting made first thing tomorrow. And I love that its all stuff you'd have at home anyway. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!


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