Monday, June 4, 2012

My Poolside Must-Haves


I think we've established by now that I can't take a focused picture to save my life. But anyway, laying in the sun is one of the best kinds of unproductive. Throw in some music and I'll never leave. Here are some pool and beach essentials (other than sunshine and swimsuits) that I can't lounge without. 

Large floppy hat from Target or straw fedora from Forever 21. A good hat to shade your face or add style.
Chaps beach towel, gifted from grandparents, spreads out really long and wide for max 
Large water bottle
Handmade pillow for lounging (in a fabric that I don't care if it gets sunscreen, oil, sand, or chlorine on)
2 types of sunscreen, high and low SPF
Magazine or book
Big, flexible, colorful straw bag to hold it all. 


  1. the only thing you are forgetting on my list is SNACKS!

  2. love both of those hats - and as a current victim of sunburn - id stick with the higher spf :)


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