Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot Balls

I'm a sucker for sweets. I will ALWAYS ask Conrad if we can get dessert, and he will usually say "no, we had it last night and we don't need that much sugar" and then I will have it anyway.

I went to girls camp a couple weeks ago as a counselor, and since I'm so young and hip (har har), I wanted to be the cool leader who brought candy to share. So I brought it and I shared it. With the leader I was sharing a room with. I did not share it with the girls, and here's why: I consider myself a sugar snob. I don't like cheap candy. I like the good stuff. Good chocolate. If it's expensive, even better. If it's European, EVEN BETTER!

So I deemed my candy "Adult's Only" and proceeded to have grown up conversations late into the evening with my bunkmate.

One of the leaders at camp offered me chewy, spicy cinnamon balls, only she called them Hot Balls. And now all I ever want to say is "hot balls." I think it'd be a good expletive replacement, don't you?

Here are some sweets I've been eyeballing. Or hot balling.

lemon almond torta

Pistachio cake with vanilla honey buttercream

the easiest blackberry pie, ever.

This one's the killer. If tiramisu is on the menu, I'm ordering it. I don't care who I'm with or what my other options are.

These little double cherry suckers are so cute. You can cut them apart and share with a friend, or sit cheek-to-cheek with your lover and share with them connected.

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