Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm on vacation

My body's on vacation, but my brain is not. Which means my body's not really on vacation; I'm just away from home.

I still have homework, but am equipped with a Stoneage computer and limited time.
I lost my phone somewhere between Long Beach and Salt Lake.
I just "slept" in a 95 degree room, and I think the 3 hours that I actually slept made my fatigue worse.
I woke up sweaty and angry.
I keep stressing myself with the "ohmygoshithinkiforgotblahblahblah" and then remembering where I packed it.
I'm also stressing myself out about graduating in 2 days. Not because of the whole "college graduation thing," but because I don't actually know where or when I'm supposed to line up, or any other details about the day.

Don't have high expectations for daily/engaging posts for the next ten days.

Conrad's helping me keep it real.


  1. enjoy your vacation - and dont let stress about where to line up ruin it :)

  2. I know all of the feelings above too well. Hope you find time to enjoy!


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