Friday, August 17, 2012

Coastal Things

1. Conrad got off work early yesterday because we thought some relatives were coming over. I was really bummed when it turned out they couldn't, but we ended up having a really great afternoon at the beach.

2. It was a marvelously low tide. I love long beaches. A big fish (20 inches or so) swam near me in the shallow water. I did not fear.

3. I went surfing! By surfing I mean "I sat on a surfboard in the ocean for a half hour." And, to add to the wonderfulness, I only had one ocean-is-death panic attack! This is real progress. Real progress.

4. The water was perfectly greenish-turquoise. It was clear, and there was nary a kelp patch in sight. Neither a shark. I think.

5. I rode the longest long board. Ten whole feet. Board? More like boat. All I needed was a paddle and a sheet and I could have sailed that thing around the world.

6. We are so lucky that we live here.


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