Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Whole Days

Wow. I did not mean to go that long between posts. I had posts that I wanted to write. They were even scheduled in my calendar. But when it came to sitting down and writing the posts, I couldn't find the time! Here's what I did instead:

We went to Barnes and Noble on Friday night and sat and read stacks of books. Here's my pile. 

Saturday morning, I donned my best 1920's dress, jellyrolled my hair (to look shorter), and headed to an exclusive event at the Del Mar Racetrack with some girlfriends. 

I placed two bets and lost them both. Down four dollars. 

And they're off. 

We got our hair done at a mobile barber - like a food truck, only hair. They made us look like authentic '20's girls. 

When I got home, Conrad and I tried a new sushi place that turned out to be amazing. This is the Red Dragon Roll and the Mango Mango Roll. We also got a Geisha roll, complete with a flaming cucumber. Blew our minds. 

After dinner we ran to the store for some milk, eggs, ice cream, and red sunflowers. I love the way they look in the white pitcher. 

We munched our favorite ice cream treat and watched Super 8. A perfect ending to a great day! 


  1. Those red sunflowers are gorg! Love the 20's look ;)

  2. Oh I just love your dress in this post! Great to find your blog via the blog hop!
    Have a great day!


  3. I love the hair! You both look gorgeous. And I LOVEEEE Mochi Icecream, I think I may have posted about it before, it was green tea and the other was black sesame!

    Interesting post for me here, love the hair, mochi and I have always loved horses

  4. Ooh what fun hairdos! I'm never brave enough to try those hairstyles, but maybe I need to try 'em out! Happy to find you though the Hop! :)

  5. That mobile barber looks like so much fun! I love retro styles, too, so it looks like a fun event in all!

  6. I'm new to your blog from the GFC Hop!! Look forward to getting to know you better :) and are my two corners of the world, please stop by some time.

  7. i love most things in this post! we must do that sushi place! yum. and mochi? my fav also...


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