Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where's the worst place to have a bug bite?

While we were in Yellowstone a few weeks ago, we were looking for a spot in the river where we could plant ourselves and enjoy the water. We walked into a cool, shady spot in the woods and were ambushed by demon mosquitoes who had probably been waiting for human flesh for thousands of years.

These were no ordinary skeetos. The bites immediately swelled to three inch wide welts. My sister looked like she had grown a second elbow on her arm.

Last week I told you guys about the facebook question I posed about sleeping. I recently posed the question:

Where's the worst place to have a bug bite?

Here were some of the answers:
Butt cheek
Behind the ear
Big toe
Upper inner thigh
Arch of foot
In between toes

What do you think? Where's the worst place to have a bug bite?


  1. I think eye lid is the worst place to get a bug bite. I am extremely allergic to bug bite and they swell up. I got bug bites on my elbows and ankles a lot and they swell up so bad. But don't think it's as worse as on eye lid as you can't apply any bug cream on the eye lid directly.

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  2. Oh my... I would say your butt cheek... but then again.. what in the heck are you doing to make you get a bug bite on your bum? HAHA

  3. Mosquitoes love me and I think I have had all of those! Even the butt...no idea HOW but they find me and bite me! Feet & fingers suck because they are hard to scratch and I feel like they are more itchy.

    Yuck...I hate them!

    xo, jill from www.classywithakick.com

  4. Pretty much anywhere near or on my foot. I went camping in July and I came home with like 15 bites on EACH foot. I wanted to die. They were so, so itchy and nothing helped. So my vote is for feet/ankles.

  5. I got a mosquito bite on my forehead while reading in bed last night!!! Wherever I am they seem to find me. It was probably the only mosquito in the house but it managed to find me. I had to part my hair in the opposite direction to cover it today. LOL! All places are bad for bites. We have West Nile Virus in Texas right now, so it makes me freak out just a little knowing that the bite is so close to my brain!! Anyway, I will stop my rant. Haha! Have a great week! Stacie xo

  6. I would say butt crack or arch of your foot!!

  7. I second the arch of the foot, that junk is crazy annoying.

    Brittney @ The Sweet Life


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