Friday, September 28, 2012

How do you build a relationship with people you don't know?

Lately, I've been trying harder to build a relationship with my bloggers. I'm making more of an effort to follow back, reply to comments, and write better posts. Some of the awesome people in this small blogging world of ours are across the country. Or even continent. OR EVEN WORLD. I know. Cray.

You hear all kinds of stories about people meeting online and hitting it off.

Our car after the Groomsmen had their way with it. We did not, in fact, meet online.

So how does a Californian make friends with a Georgian? Or a Canadian? What else can I do to become a part of this great community of bloggers? 

On a related side note, Jess from Jess is More had a "Pay It Forward" post, the product of which I was the recipient. I decided to do the same thing. Which is the object of "Pay it Forward", so technically I was filling my end of the bargain. 

Except, I was looking through my books, and the only ones I'm really OK with giving away are ones that you probably wouldn't be interested in. 

Gandhi: An Autobiography
The Adventures of The English Language
Patios and Walkways 1-2-3

See what I mean? So here's what I'm gonna do. I've got a headband up for grabs. 

First person to comment that they'd like it, gets it. 

Just promise to "Pay it Forward." Somehow. 


  1. Ooooo! Did I just win that beauty?!? I love the idea of "pay it forward" :)

  2. Haha the wedding car cracked me up because my hubby and I did actually meet online!

    The Tiny Heart
    Win a chain link necklace + Chanel print!

    1. That's so funny! I love hearing about love stories that wouldn't have succeeded without technology. So awesome.

  3. Paying it forward is a really cool concept! =) I love your skirt, btw!

    Love, Belle

  4. it truly is crazy how many different kinds of people and cultures we can reach just by blogging. it's so amazing to think that i now have friends from other states and even other countries like malaysia and england -- so cool! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  5. Love that skirt!!!! And, I just saw two other blogs with the Pay it Forward idea...I've signed up and can't wait!!

    Newest follower...thanks for linking up with Friday Chaos! Can't wait to get to know you!

  6. I've always found that being willing to sit down and IM with someone or hang out on Skype or a Google+ Hangout is a great way to get to know another blogger whom you might have a lot in common with but lives in a far off place... As much as I love emailing back and for with people, I find what brings someone from being an online acquaintance to being a friend is sitting down and talking in real time. I love doing stuff like that... and I dunno if it's just because I'm shy about asking or if other bloggers don't do this as much as they did years ago, I'm finding it hard to find people to do that with.

  7. I love this pay it forward idea!! Lol at the groomsmen joke!

  8. i really love the skirt!
    and i like you used "georgian" in your scenario. i'm a georgian!
    i got out of blogging for a long time and am now swinging back into it and i, too am trying to figure out how folks meet!
    i am under the impression that a lot of people attend real-life events for bloggings. i'm been keeping my eyes open for events like that in atlanta.

  9. Love the skirt & the headband! Returning the follow favor from the Friday blog hop!

  10. That's a cute outfit!

    I've found some of the greatest people through blogging. It can definitely be a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful community!



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