Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The holiday season is almost here, so I wanted to offer an awesome promotion for ads!


If you buy one ad, you'll get the same ad for the next month! You'll be getting two ads for the price of one! Buy one, get one free! Two months at half price!

Ok. I don't know how else to phrase it.  Go buy any single ad, any time in the next two days, and I'll edit the ad to go for two months. The holiday season is a great time to advertise, as people do lots of blog searching for gift ideas, recipes, party ideas, giveaways, and traditions. I've got some themed giveaways planned, and they're going to get lots of attention!

This promotion is good for all ads, including blog consulting packages. On November 1st, this smokin' hot deal will be over, so get it now! If you'd like me to edit the start date on your ad, I can make it begin whenever you want. Send me a message.

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