Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Remember Corduroy the Bear?


I always liked corduroy fabric. When I was really young, I used to have some friends who were obsessive compulsive about the clothes they wore. Things like corduroy, windbreakers (or other "swishy" materials), and zippers were a no-go. 

A while ago I got this awesome vintage jacket. You guessed it - it's corduroy. 

It's got this super-soft flannel lining, and it's really comfy. For some ridiculous reason, I can't bring myself to wear it. It's a tiny bit too short on my torso. 

Anyone want it? 

Email me for price and shipping details at tesiahwilk@yahoo.com. 


  1. that's cute! i'm a fan of corduroy, especially jeans haha :)

  2. I love corduroy pants but I don't think I could pull it off above the waist!

  3. Geez that's ugly! And a cute girl like you should never wear something that blah and colorless.


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