Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How do you read blogs?

When I come across a new blog, there are a few ways I might read it. 

If I instantly fall in love with the blog, I may go all the way back to the beginning and read the whole thing. I may begin reading, then fall in love, and just keep going. Or I may check back only when a new post is uploaded. Or I may check back only occasionally, depending on my mood for their content.

Mostly, if I like a blog, I'll follow them via GFC and check their blog as new posts are uploaded. Occasionally, I'll really click with the blogger and read all of their posts.

How do you read blogs? What are some of your favorite blogs, that you've read all the way from the beginning? 


  1. OH YAY!!! There's my header on one of my favorite blogs!!!!

    I follow via GFC, and then read through ALL the posts every day. If I discover a new blog, I will definitely do my share fair of stalking though - gotta get to know who I'm following!!


  2. thanks for using my header!
    I usually read the new posts..and follow through GFC. I dont think Ive ever been around from a blog's birth, so I usually come in and follow as they grow.

    If I really like the blog, I check in on their blog daily, and follow FB pages, etc.

  3. It depends on the blog! Like you, sometimes I'll find a blog and read all the way to the beginning or start at the beginning and work my way to present day. Others I'll just start reading and then follow to keep up with updates.

  4. i'm the same as you. if i really love them, i stalk the heck out of them. and if i like MOST of what they post, i'll just follow and read when they update if it suits me. my favorites are usually just people that i've formed a friendship with because we've both followed each other from the beginning. you know they'll be a good friend when they were one of your 20 followers and have stuck with you and like any friend, you want to know everything about them too.

  5. There are only a handful of blogs that I have really enjoyed reading so much that I've gone back to the very beginning of their first posts. Usually it's by upload and recent posts, then after that if the next post catches my attention then I'll stay on their pay and continue to read more! xo

  6. I just add it to my reading list on my phone- I never do GFC or any of that. I only read a few though and am pretty loyal about reading daily.

  7. I couldn't live without my Google Reader!

  8. I usually follow them if I like them. Then once I do that Ill use my google reader and keep watching.

  9. I'm fairly particular about blogs I follow. They have to be funny or have beautiful children for me to really be interested. After that, I usually only click over when their blog title grabs my attention from GFC. There are a couple blogs I check daily. The only two blogs I've read from the beginning are Busy Bee Lauren and The Daybook.


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