Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'll Follow Back: Facebook Edition

A few weeks ago, I wrote an I'll Follow Back post, and I got some great suggestions on people to follow! It's also a cool way to see who sees your blog posts.

I decided to do another one today, only Facebook Edition!

So here we go:
If you have a blog, and you like my facebook page, comment on my facebook page, let me know that you follow, and leave your facebook page link. I'll follow you back. Straight up. I'd super-duper love it if you also followed my blog via GFC, but it's not mandatory.

Also, who else is flipping out that October is half-way over? I've got some serious Fall-itis. I'm decorating my house, wearing sweats, and I even baked a salted caramel apple pie. You heard me. Baked. I'll share the recipe later. It was amazing.

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