Friday, October 19, 2012

Where I want to go: Portland

Oh, wait. Not that Portland. Oh wait, YES that Portland!

SunRose Condo Portland

Portland Head lighthouse Top 5 Cities for Outdoor Exercise

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Year-round rain means year-round scarves, boots, and cups of tea. Wet pavement at night is the best thing. Cafe's with an abundance of couches and warmth are the other best thing. Portland has all the best things. We're wanting to plan a trip to Portland in the spring, but we aren't sure the best time of year to go. Anyone have any suggestions for places to visit, things to see, shows to go to, or restaurants to eat at? Any local Portlandians have any suggestions?


  1. Not a single suggestion but oh how do I want to go! One day for sure! Happy weekending to you :)

  2. If you want rain come in the Spring for sure... it's rainy but yet you can get the occasional day of beautiful sunshine which makes everything glisten after all the rain! There are so many wonderful places to visit. I highly recommend that you go to VooDoo Donuts {it's a hotspot for everyone} and good places to eat downtown Urban Fondue is a fun little place with a wonderful atmosphere on the famous 23rd street which you must visit for some amazing boutique shopping! I also recommend you go to the coast for a day... we have a beautiful coast & the best places to visit are Cannon Beach or Seaside/Astoria. The Rose Gardens are amazing especially in the spring which are downtown right by the zoo. There are just so many amazing things about my city I could go on and on forever! So if you ever have any questions feel free to email me and I will help you to the best of my ability. I have lived here my entire life. :)

  3. I've only driven through Portland since I'm currently living in Washington! So, you can always travel up to Seattle which isn't too far. I know from my house to Portland is a 2 hour drive, so about a 3-4 hour drive to Seattle.

  4. Dear Tess,
    You should visit Portland. Visit the coast. Visit Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen's. I grew up in Portland and still have all my family there. I visit when I can. I always go to Burgerville and Sunny Hans (in Gresham near Portland.) I always go shopping (no sales tax!) Last time I went and upgraded my iphone to save $40 on taxes alone. Tea at the Heathman Hotel in downtown is exquisite. The rose gardens are unmatched. Now that I'm older there is so much more for me to appreciate: the wineries and the breweries. I love playing tourist every time I come home. My mom and sister love taking me shopping. My dad enjoys the beer and wine with me. Obviously, I need to get home sometime very soon. Esther Norine Designs

  5. Like someone said earlier, VooDoo donuts (It was on the Food Network), and we love eating at Kells (Irish Pub- rated one of the best in USA!), as well as the giant bookstore (losing the name right now), but it is equally awesome. Also- Portland can boast of both the largest and smallest city parks in the US, I don't know where either are or the names- I have been to the largest, and it was huge- so I would suggest that as well. =]

  6. i don't know about the food but i know the coast is great. you'd want to go in june though i think.

  7. I hope that you do visit Portland, we should totally meet up :)
    Go eat at the Screen Door, it is amazing...Like Esther said there is no tax, so stock up if you like shopping. You should also try the Portland City Grill for happy hour, the view is amazing!


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