Sunday, December 23, 2012

A tender heart

I've had a lot on my heart lately.

I recently had an experience that was unbelievably jarring. Through the whole thing, I prayed with more might than I think I've ever prayed for anything before that I would be comforted and that everything would turn out fine for everyone involved.

I felt the Spirit with me every minute because I desperately wanted it with me. By the end of the ordeal, I felt like I had been softened. I began noticing that the closer I became to God, the more things were falling back into place where they had previously fallen apart.

One morning, about a month after everything began, I received a phone call informing me that the whole thing was over. A literal message from God through one of His angels to not be afraid anymore. That same day, I finished all of my classes an officially became a college graduate. Needless to say, two huge weights had been lifted from my shoulders. I was filled with gratitude and relief, and cried all of the remaining tension out.

I prayed a prayer different from most of my prayers. Usually I have something to ask for. This time, I was only thankful. I was thankful for the friends and family who helped me through everything. I was thankful for my husband who was by my side, supporting me the whole time. I was thankful for all the comfort that was given to me, and that all my prayers were answered.

Later that day, I prayed again. This time I asked that my heart would stay softened, and that the Spirit that had been my companion for the whole month would stay with me.

Since then, I've noticed that, once again, my prayers are always being answered. I'm moved to tears almost daily. Sometimes it's a story that someone shares that touches my heart. Sometimes it's my own thoughts. Sometimes I look at the world around me and am moved by it's beauty. Sometimes my heart aches for others. But I feel like my emotional perspective on life has been permanently changed.

I hope that this Christmas season, you consider the softness of your heart, and seek happiness, compassion, and love.


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