Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Whenever I eat something that is particularly delicious and satisfying (which is only a few things), I think to myself mmmmm, baby likes. Then I am officially creeped out by my own behavior.

Conrad came home one night last week and I had my hood on with the strings pulled tight. The little hole showed my face only, with no hair showing. He said, you look like the cutest little cancer patient ever. What a charmer.

Sometimes, due to pregnancy brain, I forget what I'm saying mid-sentence, or I make very little sense. Conrad usually responds by saying this is your brain now. And I imagine a little walnut rattling around inside my empty skull.

I'm still able to sleep on my stomach without any discomfort (enter the chorus of angels). I'm milking it. I'll sleep on my stomach as long as I can! The second I can't sleep on my belly is the second I purchase a body pillow. But let's be real. I'll probably buy a body pillow sooner than that. Or I'll put it off until after I give birth. All or nothing, folks.

I can't wait for summer. I can't wait for my big baby belly. My mother-in-law was reminiscing about being pregnant in the summer, and she told me she spent every day at the beach. You can dig a big hole in the sand, put your belly in it, and enjoy some needed tummy sleeping. Oh yes. That will be my life.

I was self-conscious about always talking about pregnancy/baby happenings on the blog. I didn't want that to be all I ever posted. But then I reminded myself that this is a lifestyle blog, and this is my life right now. And I continued my pregnancy posts with a hormonal fury.

Do I shower or get dressed as often as I should? Sure don't. Do I care? Sure don't.

Why is firewood so stinking expensive? We burn through one whole bundle (like from the store) in one night (or a 3-4 hour fire). We are literally burning like 10 dollars. Isn't there a cheaper way to make use of my fireplace?

I'm always on the lookout for scrumptious food. Baby has firmly decided that he/she doesn't like any of the foods I normally like, and that I should be much pickier. I'm hoping the first trimester's end will also bring the picky eating to an end. I miss my foods.

Surprisingly, I have almost no taste for soda. I used to be a solid Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi addict, complete with withdrawal headaches and everything. I needed my daily fix. Now, most soda tastes like soap, and the carbonation is really unsettling in my stomach. I had no intention of giving up caffeine or soda when I got pregnant. Baby decided that on his/her own. As my dad would say, babies aren't made out of that.


  1. I should have thought about that digging a hole in the sand for the belly!!

  2. My brain pretty much fell out of my head when I was pregnant. It's like all my normal abilities to remember things just disappeared. It hasn't come back yet either! Dang it!

  3. Pregnancy brain is sooo real. I will be mid sentence and just forget the word I want to say. Oh belly sleeping is the best. If i roll on to my belly I wake up but I find it hard to sleep on my side. Do post if a body pillow helps. I adore soda but cut down soooo much and just have one can of caffeine soda a day.

  4. I'm almost done with my third pregnancy & I can totally attest to the pregnancy brain. I had it BAD this time! And digging a hole in the sand for your belly is a genius idea - I wish we had a beach close by!

    I'm a new follower from the GFC Hop! :)

    ~ Shay @

  5. I'm nine months pregnant now, so no beach belly sleeping for me, but I sure can't wait until I can sleep on my belly again!! I miss it so much!


  6. I found your blog through from the New Born Mama giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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