Friday, January 4, 2013

Zoobies giveaway!

Today's giveaway is brought to you by S.O.S. Mom, Real Momma, and Zoobies! They invited a bunch of bloggers to participate in this giveaway, and I'm really happy to be a part of it!

S.O.S. Mom and Real Momma have decided to not only spoil your little one with this giveaway event, but to spoil you as well! Now we know what you're thinking... this giveaway is getting more and more exciting! This giveaway is made possible by our amazing sponsors, Zoobies and The Bunny's Reviews, who are respectively offering one Zoobies Blanket Pet, valued at $29.99, and $55 Paypal Cash! What a great prize to start off the new year! 

Zoobies was created by two young brothers who shared a common desire to invent something that was fun, innovative and functional. Coming from a large family of nine children, they saw the need to consolidate what one could bring on long road trips and family excursions; something to make life easier for mom. Zoobies stands by a "Three C Mission"; Convertible, Comfort and Convenience. Zoobies products are designed with MOM in mind. The 3-in-1 functionality means less clutter whether at home or on the go. When you have a Zoobies product, you have more than a plush toy, more than a pillow and more than a blanket. Zoobies products have transformed the plush world. The wonderful surprise factor comes through in all their products, which is why they exceed mom's expectations. They rate their products' cuddliness level in terms of squishability, an expression they coined as a measure word to describe just how extremely soft and snuggly they products are. Not only do their products provide the warmth and snuggles that kids need, they also provide the emotional comfort and security of that "favourite cuddly toy". Their line of products include the Blanket Pets, Book Buddies, Duffel Dogs, Storytime Pals, Blankie Babies and Slumber Pets.

Review by S.O.S. Mom: "I discovered Zoobies through a fellow blogger friend of mine. I had heard of the 3-in-1 plush toy before but never actually had the chance to come across such a toy. When I started reading up on Zoobies through their website and discovered their wonderful world, I really fell in love. They offer products for kids of all ages and have an impressive variety to choose from. The Zoobies Blanket Pets have a selection ranging from the wildlife collection, the barnyard collection, the bug collection, the safari collection and the zoo collection. I was truly lucky to be sent the Bubba the Bear Blanket by Stortz & Associates Inc. They are Canada's leading importer and distributor of Eco Friendly Toys, supporting retailers in this fast-growing market, and are also the source for especially unique and fun toys which are regularly featured by the media. Myself being in Canada, they were able to send me an item on behalf of Zoobies. Seeing how we received the Zoobies a few days before Christmas, we took the decision to throw it in as an extra Christmas gift. Why not make Christmas even more fun and magical right? But I think I came this close to keeping it for myself! In all honesty, the Zoobies Blanket Pet is unbelievably soft and cuddly. The first thing that I took note of was the striking quality of it. I couldn't get over how every inch and every detail was perfectly thought of and made with such love and care. The pillow is perfectly sized for any child to lay there head down comfortably and when unwrapped, the blanket is also of ideal size to cozy up in. Another fun feature is the fact that, once opened up, the blanket can be separated from the animal, allowing the child to play freely with the plush toy while being snuggled up in his blanket! Very neat! Now, when my son opened his gift on Christmas morning and discovered Bubba the Bear, he greeted him with the most warmest and heartfelt hug you would ever see! He then pulled away and gazed at Bubba with such love, it was tremendously adorable. I must say, Bubba is now part of the family and will undoubtedly be tagging along on many family adventures. Not to mention the new role of bedtime companion he has taken on! I personally think the concept of this blanket is truly and remarkably sensational and is really a great item for kids to have. Knowing how children grow fond of plush animals and sleeping blankets, these loving plush animals combine both in one and offer that great growing-up companion children seek. The picture hereafter bears true testament to the level of cozyness and comfort the Zoobies blanket brings to a kiddo! If you haven't gotten your hands on your Zoobies blanket, now is the time! Visit them on their website to get all the details and view all the terrific products they have!"

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will be open for entries from January 4th to 13th inclusively. One winner will win the total prize package valued at $84.99, which includes a Zoobies Blanket Pet (winner gets to choose model) and $55 Paypal cash! Please note that the money will not be rendered any other way than via paypal. To enter, please fill out the following form. 

Good luck and happy New Year to you all!

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