Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 clothing items every pregnant woman should have (if she's pregnant in the spring)

Spring/Summer Maternity Wishlist
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There's nothing quite as comfortable to a pregnant woman as being submerged in warm water, being naked, or, if clothes must be worn, clothes made out of very flowy or very stretchy fabrics. I was daydreaming about some clothes I might like to get (you know, if I was a millionaire), and I put together this wishlist of some staple items every pregnant woman should own. Flowy dresses, stretchy pants and shorts with belly bands, and flattering, flowy shirts. 

Do you have any maternity favorites? What items would you recommend?


  1. Uh oh. I see where my tax return is going to go. I was pregnant in the AZ summer two years ago and I'll be huge AGAIN this summer. I'll be living in dresses. Provided my rear-end doesn't leave a sweat mark on the seat ;)

  2. Me too! I'm trying to keep my booty in control so I can fit in normal maternity clothes. I'm looking forward to swimsuits and sun dresses every day.

  3. I haven't really been on blogger much and haven't seen all of your posts! Didn't realize you are pregnant! I'm 12W with my first now, and haven't announced yet (we are this weekend/next week)!

  4. I loved having maternity workout clothes. I had a long t-shirt in a fun, flattering color and stretchy capris that had the option of going up over my belly or folding flat under my belly.

  5. Target has the best tank tops for maternity in the regular clothes section. The ribbed long tanks are awesome. They were long enough for me up to the end and then I washed them and they weren't stretched out. I lived in tanks and my two pairs of maternity shorts because it was over 100 most days of my last two preggo months.

    1. What shorts did you get? I'm in the market. Good tip for the target tanks!

  6. I owned a TON of maternity tank tops also and they were a must. I was 8-9 months pregnant at the end of summer, so I was HUGE. I got my shorts from Motherhood Maternity online - they have good prices for the quality & selection. I also really preferred the fit of their maternity shorts/jeans compared to other brands I tried =) Oh, and flip flops are essential - my feet didn't swell until the last month and I could hardly get my shoes on!


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