Friday, March 1, 2013

Call for swaps!

Last summer, before my belly housed an infant

Hey blogger friends!
A new month is beginning, which means I need to fill my sponsor spots! I have a few that didn't sell, so I want to find similar blogs to swap with. I've had a couple bloggers who wanted to swap with me, but the thing about swapping is that you need to be getting an equally good deal, right? I offer a group giveaway for my sponsors, which usually brings them great traffic, but some swappers only want to offer me a sidebar option. Not exactly fair.

Email me at if you meet the following guidelines:
- Your blog has between 750 and 900 followers (or more, but for the sake of fairness...)
- Your ads come with a group giveaway and/or feature post
- You promote your ads on at least 2 social media sites other than your blogs platform

I'm really excited for March! I have some awesome posts planned, and ever since I got pregnant my pageviews have increased almost 50% (though I don't know why, because I mostly only talk about food and awkward bodily functions)! Email me today if you want to trade some awesome advertising! Hope to hear from you soon!

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