Monday, March 18, 2013


My little tyke is eighteen weeks in-utero! *tear* They grow up so fast.

But seriously, I'm almost halfway through pregnancy (over the hump, if you will), and I can hardly believe how fast it's going. It seems like yesterday I was complaining of constant nausea. (For all you know, it was yesterday)

We were visiting my parents this weekend, and I didn't take a belly pic on the eighteen-week day, but here are some pictures of our fun time. In some of them I don't even look pregnant!

(this is the one where I think my belly is pretty concealed)

New maternity clothes (thanks, Mom!) from H&M. 

Some of the beauty that can be found at my parents' house.

This week:
- I weighed myself, despite my promise to myself that I wouldn't and that it doesn't really matter unless my doctor tells me I'm unhealthy, and I weighed in at a hearty 154 plus change. The next morning, after sleeping off some food (and a bathroom trip or two) I tried again and weighed 152. I'm counting that as my more official weight, since I had eaten an absurd amount of food before the first weigh-in. 

- I'm astonished at my homesickness. Since I got pregnant, I long to be with my family almost daily. I call my mom constantly (which I'm sure she's tiring of), and I ask Conrad almost every single weekend if we can go visit them. I'm also extending our "weekend stay" with them for another several days, and we're probably coming home on Wednesday. That's a solid five days, friends.

- Still craving meat, lots of cheese, and other rich, savory foods like things with truffles in them (the fungus, not the candy), cream sauces, butter, and plenty of carbs. My double chin is having the time of it's life, and is considering renting space to a third tenant.

- Walking around the mall in search of maternity clothes had me feeling a little self-conscious. I knew I needed a few pairs of pants and at least one shirt, and I kept seeing stores I might normally go it. "Oh, let's check Nordstrom!" One hour in the dressing room later, my smile was a little smaller. I know I'm pregnant, and I know I'm bigger because I'm making a healthy baby, but it's hard to not feel bad when you think "I'm too big to wear those cute clothes..." Praise the spirits of H&M for having a maternity section that was very reasonably priced. Also, my mom paid. Grandmas! Am I right?

- We have our 20 week appointment coming up, and I'm giddy to see our boys little face profile and fingers and belly and everything again. I wouldn't have made it this far if I hadn't gotten to see him about 3 weeks ago, so I'm really grateful for ultrasound centers! I'm also going to make my doctor re-confirm that he's still a boy. I'd hate to get too excited only to deal with a HUGE change of plans!

- Conrad is very excited that he's having a boy, but he's already wishing for a girl next! I'm busy morphing into a boy's mom (which I think I always was), and I'm not too concerned with the next baby yet. 


  1. I'm also 18 weeks, due Aug 19. It's fun to see what other pregos are experiencing. This is my second one. Love the cravings, made me hungry. And yay for moms. My site if you wanna follow

    1. Oh my gosh, how crazy! I'm due August 17! It's fun to see women who are very close to me, gestation-wise.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm really excited about it. I feel like it will go with pretty much everything.

  3. LOVE H&M Maternity. Old Navy has some decent stuff too!

    I'm 17 weeks - right behind you :) but I have very little to show for it. Hoping my bump will pop soon so I actually look pregnant and not just bloated...

    1. I'll have to check Old Navy!

      My bump popped because I willed it to. A lot of times, people don't realize I'm pregnant. Plus, I always take my belly pics at the end of the day when it's a bit bigger from all the food I've eaten.


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