Saturday, March 23, 2013


And here's this gem, for those of you who like really uncomfortable photos.

- Baby is moving way LESS than before. I hardly felt him at all. And, as is normal for a pregnant woman, I worried and fretted for every second of it.

- I used to have such a sweet tooth, but am almost never in the mood for sugar now. If, on the rare occasion I do want sugar, I eat about a quarter of what I used to. This kid wants MEAT!

- I read a book on gentle birthing options, and unlike many of you more sensible people, the whole thing just made me mad. Yes, I'm still choosing a hospital birth. Yes, I'm still getting an epidural. Yes, I'm still going to have our son circumcised. No, I probably won't labor in water. And at some point, I'll probably call a nurse a bad word for denying me food for twelve hours, and then I'll apologize later as I cry and ask her to help my baby latch. And none of that means that I respect my body or baby any less than people who go with more "natural" options.

- I ate the richest food of my life this week. White pizza with black truffle cheese, cheeseburgers, pizza two more times, spaghetti with meat sauce, ice cream, and boba two times, among other things that I can't remember. And it was glorious. I spent about five minutes thinking "I've eaten too much rich food. I just want a salad or something." And then I ate a salad (with absurd amounts of homemade ranch dressing) and proceeded to eat my third pizza of the week.

- My brain's lack of function is totally out of control. We were driving to meet my family for dinner one night, and I legitimately thought we were driving my parent's car (we weren't; we were in our own car). Conrad pointed to a car on the road that was the same make, model, and color as our car, and I said, totally seriously, "That's not our car. Ours has the zoo sticker on the back." Conrad burst into laughter, and it took me a good ten seconds to realize that, of course that isn't our car, because we are driving our car

- Several other brain-fails happened, but I can't remember them at the moment. See what I mean?

- Because of all the rich food (and the progressing pregnancy, I think), I gained somewhere around 3 pounds in a week. That's fine, considering my weight gain was on the low side before, but I probably shouldn't keep gaining that much every week. Time for salads, fruit, and yogurt. 

- My diaper bag came in the mail! I didn't really even mean to get it. I posted it on Facebook saying I liked it but it was too expensive, and a whole thread unraveled and a friend of a friend saw the post, said he had one that he'd never use, and offered it to me for a third of the retail price. Sometimes, Facebook is great.


  1. That is awesome about the diaper bag!

  2. It seems like time is flying by LOL I remember seeing your post on FB about the big news and now here we are 19 weeks in! Love the outfit and the bag! xoxo, Jessica at Boys Oh Boys.

  3. Love the bag!
    I don't care what way you choose to have a baby; natural, epidural, in water, at home, whatever as long as you're safe. However, when you start getting all high and mighty that since you did it "natural" I don't like that so I couldn't even make it through any of those books when I was pregnant. Drove me nuts.

    1. That's what I'm feeling, too. I don't care how other people choose to do it, but when they start trying to pressure me into one certain way telling me that I'm "hurting my baby" if I do it any other way, I get my slap hand good and ready. The only "right" way to do it is if both mom and baby are healthy. Everything else is personal preference.

  4. Ah ha ha, this is the first post of yours that I've read and I think I love you already. You're hilarious! And rock on witchu bad self guuuuuurl. You have that baby any way you want! I had planned and prepped and was totally ready to do it the "natural" way with my first, but my body had far different plans, which included being induced at 36 weeks. Man oh man I was never more ready for a needle in my back than during those contractions! Ended up with an emergency C-section and all the rest of my kids (including the one coming in the next couple months) are c-section too. Don't regret it for a second, you have to do what works for YOU, so if that means hanging upside down to feel good, then do it! Just don't, ya know, fall on your head in the process. I hear that's painful.

    New follower!


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