Saturday, March 9, 2013


-This week, I sat and watched episodes of Lost while I held a fresh lemon under my nose. It was the most satisfying thing I could have possible done in that moment. I scratched the peel with a fork to release some of the aromas, and just... sat there. Isn't it funny how food cravings aren't the only cravings you get when you're pregnant? I've gotten aroma cravings for lemon, laundry sheets, and Conrad's deodorant (so manly), and once I even craved the feeling of being on a roller coaster.

-I'm noticing that my growing baby belly is making certain things harder. Anything involving a deep squat is really difficult because my knees push into my tummy, making the baby push into other things, like my lungs. So naturally, putting away laundry are dishes are out. Like they were ever in. 

-I started working out! I'm walking almost 3 miles a day plus stretches, at least 4 days a week, and some days I even do squats (not super deep ones, obviously), lunges, toe lifts, and push ups! To say I'm impressed with myself is an understatement. I was really worried that I'd be too sick to stay active, but now that I'm feeling almost completely better, I'm really motivated to keep my butt and love handles from getting too out of control. Also my upper arms, inner thighs, general facial area, and pretty much everywhere else.

-Baby kicks more on days I work out. 

-The two most common questions people ask me are "How are you feeling?" and "Do you have a name picked out yet?" They seem like pretty normal questions when you're the one asking them, but when you're on the receiving end and you get each question at least once a day, they seem funny. Like, why does everyone want to know the name? I only found out he's a boy last week! How could I solidly say I know what I want to name him when I still have 25 weeks to go? And why does everyone want to hear about my morning sickness? Weirdos.

-And yes, we do have one name we are considering, but I don't want to tell a lot of people (not because of stealers) because I want to be able to change my mind and not have to answer a ton of questions. 

-Costco sells this vegetarian chili made with lentils, and I like to eat it on my nachos or with rice or potatoes. I never noticed a major physical reaction to it before I was pregnant, but the amount of beans in it DO NOT agree with me. Maybe it's too much iron? Or maybe beans just make you toot.

-My hair has grown more than 4 inches in less than 4 months. I always heard that prenatal vitamins would do that to you, but I've been very relaxed about my prenatal vitamin intake. I think pregnancy just turns me into a chia pet. 

-The girls are getting huge. I've actually had a few friends and my sister comment on their growth. It's all fine, except for the amount of heat they produce. I have a heat rash underneath them that is maddeningly itchy, and I'm also noticing some stretch marks on their way. Yay!


  1. Something about pregnancy makes hair & nails grow a ton! My hair grew more while I was pregnant than it did in the whole year prior. You also don't shed as much hair while you're pregnant, but unfortunately it all comes out after you give birth :( my hair so was thick when I was preggo and now it's still coming out in handfuls - no one told me that would happen!

    1. I've been warned about that before! Hopefully I don't go totally bald... Probably not my best look.

  2. When I was pregnant with my second I would carry dryer sheets in my pocket and when I was waiting to pick up kids in carpool (I was a nanny at the time) I would just sit and smell my dryer sheet. My husband thought I was so weird.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! At least we're sniffing lemons and dryer sheets instead of onions or dirty socks.

  3. I am almost 22 weeks, and my biggest craving is seltzer water...also, be prepared to be losing tons of that hair the minute he is born...I shed like crazy after having my babies and I hate it!


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