Saturday, March 2, 2013


I bought a non-maternity maternity swimsuit the other day (meaning it's not actually maternity, but it works with a growing tummy), and it's the only thing I want to wear. You know that little pooch some of us have? My lower stomach has joined forces with the pooch and decided to make one round uni-belly. No more pooch! I can't wait for warm weather and sand holes at the beach so I can lay on my stomach! Also, this pasty-white skin thing isn't helping my look.

Weight: 149 lbs; 1 pound gained since 10 week visit. My doctor told me to "feel free to gain a little weight now that I'm feeling better." It was nice to hear, since weight gain has been one of my shameful concerns.

Sleeping on my stomach is still doable, but I have to have a pillow under one of my hips to elevate me a little. I'm side-sleeping a lot more, by no effort of my own.

A friend lent me some of her maternity pants and I love them! When you're sick and all you wear is sweats, nobody judges you and you are comfortable. But when you feel fine and none of your clothes fit, it just makes you feel bad about yourself.

I'm really forgetful and very easily distracted. If I'm talking and Conrad holds something up in front of me, like a piece of mail, I lose all coherency. I become a mumbling mess and I can't get back on track.

Craving this week: healthier foods. I notice that I want salads and veggies more than I was before. Still no chicken allowed, unless it's a "strip" and it's been deep fried and tossed in BBQ sauce. I want burgers a lot. Lots of red meat. Sandwiches. Mmmmm, sandwiches...

I always thought the uterus (and hence, the baby) was located in your way-lower stomach, like the spot between your hip bones. Turns out, it's a little higher. Right now, it's right behind my belly button. After dinner last night, we laid on the bed and pushed around on my stomach a little bit to see if we could feel baby move. AND HE DID! Don't worry, I didn't push any harder than the ultrasound tech pushed. He kicked back like, "C'mon, guys! Give me some space!" Coolest thing ever. Poor Conrad couldn't feel it.

Um, pregnant nosebleeds? That's a thing? Apparently your blood vessels in your sinus get super full, making you more susceptible to nosebleeds. Also, I pick my nose a lot, so there's that.

Daytimes are pretty much back to normal, except for the extreme forgetfulness and small bouts of fatigue that can usually be fixed by eating. I don't ever feel sick during the day, so I'm able to do all my normal stuff, like go out to lunch and run errands. Except chores. Still can't do chores.


  1. My nose itched a lot while I was pregnant, like the inside, so I had a lot of nosebleeds and it sucked. I was also pregnant in summer so I wore tanks and maternity shorts 24/7. Luckily after the beginning of month 8 I had nowhere important to be, so it worked out. That swimsuit is SUPER cute.

  2. I hope all you get are nosebleeds - I was congested my ENTIRE pregnancy. I had a permanent stuffed nose, which has to do with the blood vessel thing. I was always blowing my nose and spraying saline spray up there. So obnoxious. It went away literally like 2 days after I gave birth! Pregnancy is so weird. And I agree with Breenah - super cute swimsuit!!

  3. Adorable baby bump!
    My baby is almost 3 months old now.

    -- Dana

  4. I got a headcold the minute I got pregnant that lasted throughout pregnancy. Pregnancy brain never goes away. I kept praying it would, but I'm so scatterbrained I could scream.


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