Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twenty Four

I got a killer sunburn this week. I spent a few days in a row in the sun, but I used 30 SPF sunscreen and still lobstered. Looks like I'll be using 50 or higher for the remainder of summer!
The upside is I'll probably get a pretty sexy tan.

The boy has been kicking kicking kicking! He's getting really strong! Conrad and I stayed up late one night this week and sort of watched a movie. Mostly we just felt my belly and giggled and talked when he kicked us, and payed very little attention to the film.

Craving BURGERS and meat! Chicken is still really iffy, but I can handle it without barfing. Mostly I want beef for every meal. I think it's because my prenatal vitamin has no iron (which was part of the reason I was so sick), so I need the extra iron from the meat. Maybe I need the protein, too. And the deliciousness, obviously.

Sleeping is getting harder. Up until a couple weeks ago, I could kind of sleep on my stomach, as long as one of my legs was propped up on a pillow. I'm totally unable to sleep on my stomach now, which means I'm not sleeping in a good position. Side sleeping actually hurts my shoulders, and I'm noticing my back is arching more and more because I can't lie flat to stretch it out or keep it straight. Hello, adult/pregnancy-onset-scoliosis. Also, I had my first experience with leg cramps at night. Boy, those things are uncomfortable.

Occasionally, when sleeping gets really tough, I'll get up and go sleep in the guest bed where I can toss and turn without disturbing Conrad, that awesome guy who goes to work every day while I stay home and make a baby. He hates that I do this. He says that we're married, and sleeping in the same bed is not optional. And he's right, but I get out of bed partly for my own comfort, but partly so HE can sleep! Doesn't he see the sacrifice? Who am I kidding. It's all for me. I'm working on it.

Mommy brain has its ups and downs. Sometimes, I'm so loopy and forgetful that I somehow wind up with a sock in my hand and am screaming about how I can't find the sock I'm looking for (hint: it's the one in my hand). Then other times, I feel like my old self. This week was the latter. I managed to stay on top of chores and meal planning, and even designed a couple websites! I started to watch a tutorial on Photoshop, but it was so boring that I got highway hypnosis sitting on my couch, and suddenly didn't know what was happening. But that was unrelated to mommy brain. That happens because Photoshop sucks to learn. (Any tips, BTW?)

Emotions were more in control this week. No major meltdowns like in weeks past, but I still get teary thinking about tender or sad things happening in the world. Also, I got my car washed, and the next day, some bird was just being fabulous and laid a huge dump right next to my car door handle. I managed to choke back the tears, but there was definitely a lump in my throat. Over bird poop on a clean car.

Even with all the silly and crazy stuff happening to me (sunburns, peeing my pants, contractions), I totally love it. I feel great, and I feel like my body is fulfilling its purpose! I'll probably eat my words in the future, but I'd be willing to do this whole pregnancy thing several more times.

Want to ask me more about pregnancy, marriage, faith, or anything else? Leave 'em here and I'll answer them next week!


  1. You look so cute!

    Re: Photoshop - just start playing with it. You'll learn more playing around and trying out the different tools. And if you want to do something specific, google that specific issue and find a tutorial.

  2. you look very cute! don't worry about looking for the sock in your hand...the other day I was looking for my phone while I was talking on it. oops.

  3. Pregnancy brain is bad and only gets worse as you get closer to the end.


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