Saturday, April 6, 2013


I know this picture looks like one from way back around 15 weeks, but this was four days ago. Sometimes, the belly just doesn't pooch out. And then other times...

Baby comes out to play.

- This week was the first time someone (a man in his early 20's who had obviously never known a pregnant woman before) asked me if I was "ready to pop." I slowly smiled and informed him that I have four-and-a-half months left. Then his girlfriend rolled her eyes at him and he apologized a thousand times, and I mostly thought it was just funny. Mostly. 

- I ate a whole jar of dilly-beans by myself. For those of you who don't know what those are, they are spicy pickled green beans, and they are heaven, even if you aren't pregnant. Did I feel a little ashamed and gassy afterword? You bet I did. And did I love every single one? You betcha.

- Baby got hiccups for the first time. It felt just like kicking, but it was in really consistent intervals, and then it suddenly stopped and the belly was still. Poor thing got tuckered out.

- I had my first pee-in-the-pants incident. Baby is almost constantly pushing on my bladder, and after a while it's hard to tell the difference between his pressure and the actual need to pee. So at the grocery store, in the parking lot, I felt the feeling, and dismissed it because I was sure it was just the baby putting pressure on me. And then I peed a little bit.

- My stomach is finally becoming harder. Before, it was my normal abdominal squish, only bigger, but now it's actually pretty hard under there. Especially when I wake up, for some reason. 

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