Saturday, April 20, 2013


+ First off, my tots are huge. (You knew it was coming) I've never had to support so much weight in front of my body before, what with the baby and all his juices, and then my girls, who won't stop growing. I have cleavage up to my neck and it's only going to get worse/better. Sorry for any family members who are reading. It had to be said.

+ I have eaten 3 In-N-Out burgers in the last week (plus a Sonic burger and a gyro). This meat craving is no joke. Boy needs his protein and iron!

+ I tried to catch the baby's kicks on video, but every time I'd turn the camera on, he'd stop moving!

+ He can hear now, and I think he can recognize sounds and voices, which is the coolest thing ever. I was doing dishes the other day, and he was awake and tumbling around, and I just stopped what I was doing and put my hand on my stomach. I just stood there for a couple minutes, feeling him kick and speaking to him. I like to think he knows my voice.

+ Despite my urges to wear nothing but sweat pants and sports bras, I went out and bought some more maternity clothes. I got some leggings (maternity leggings, where have you been all my life?!) and some colored pants, and a couple of shirts because most of my shirts are now struggling to contain all three of the lovely lady lumps I have going on now.

+ The ligaments in my feet are definitely relaxing. My shoes are snug and my arches feel like they're falling. Boo to bigger feet, but yay for new shoes!

+ Everyone asks me how far along I am, and when I reply, "about five months," they respond by telling me all sorts of hardships and horror stories they went through when they were pregnant. They all want to feel sorry for my "condition" when in reality, I'm having a great time. I love the changes, and I love my baby. I haven't been really uncomfortable since the morning sickness ended, and I think I've had a pretty good attitude about the whole experience. So sorry, for all you ladies who just want to complain and try to scare me with your stories. This girl ain't having none of it.


  1. Every time someone starts telling you a pregnancy horror story, just say "Oh, I misunderstood you. I'm not pregnant." and walk away.

    1. That's funny. The problem is, I actually get really fascinated by whatever they're saying and I want to hear more. I just wish they wouldn't start in the first place! It's like when you watch a scary movie, you aren't truly scared until you've had time to really let it sink in. While you're watching, it might not be that scary.

  2. Man, pregnancy boobs are no joke! I went up a cup size in my first trimester and then another after I gave birth. I was rocking a DD until I stopped pumping. I don't think husbands complain too much though haha. I feel for girls who are already heavy chested before they have babies - their poor backs!

  3. awww such a cute baby bump :) !! following you check my blog some time :)


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