Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Paper Leaf Painting

Hey friends! I hope you have a great weekend! Here's a fun, super easy project for you to try this weekend. All you need is some acrylic paint, some paper ephemera, and a canvas. The greatest thing about this project is that you can do any color background you want, or even do a color scheme by using similar colors in your "leaves."

For my version of this painting, I used scrapbook paper from Michael's and cutouts from magazines. Paint the canvas however you want. I used a green and teal brushstroke method (not a method, really). You could even do this over an actual painting of something. Then I cut out teardrop shapes in different sizes and arranged them on the canvas in a sort of "U" shape. It kind of reminds me of when kelp sways in the ocean. You could also do an "S" shape or a border design.

Mod Podge or glue the teardrops down, then with a very thin paintbrush, trace a border around them. It makes for a more finished look. I then watered down the black paint a little bit and ran a thick brush around the edges of the canvas. I wanted the bristles to create a kind of messy border.

If you have a shelf or a bit of wall space that is just begging for some art (or if you're dying for a project, either for yourself or to occupy your kid so you can read a book), then give this easy piece a try. What do you think of the final look? What colors would you use in your home?

PS - if you love paper art, then check out the amazing giveaway from Pen and Paint here!

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