Thursday, May 9, 2013

How Grand (as in, a thousand) (also as in, how great)

Welp, we're well on our way to reaching 1000 followers on GFC! When I combine all my social media platforms, and even account for some overlap, The Framed Lady reaches significantly more than 1000 people, but you know how us bloggers can be with milestones.

So I've decided to plan a giveaway. Once I get to 1000 followers on GFC, I want to put together a big giveaway with a big prize (maybe a cash prize, maybe an assortment of giftcards?), and I want to invite EVERYONE to participate!

Here's the info:

Options for donating:
$3 - 1 social media link (either Facebook or Twitter)
$6 - 2 social media links (either Facebook or Twitter for the first link, and one additional link)
$9 - 3 social media links (either Facebook or Twitter for the first link, and two additional links)
$12 - Co-host position (1 mandatory social media link and two additional links, at least one link must be Facebook or Twitter)

Giveaway will start within one week of reaching 1000 GFC followers. I'll keep you updated as it gets closer. 

Plus, if you sign up and share the announcement post (fill out the form to get the code), you can win an option upgrade if you refer the most people! Help me get to 1000 followers and let's all gain some new followers!

If you could be a doll and fill out this donation form, that sure would be awesome! 

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  1. Hola!
    Stopping by A Cat-Like Giveaway for some GFC love and support...newest follower #927. Yaay! I too am participating in the Giveaway and look forward to sharing the love and support and getting to know more about you and yours! Wow, mountain climbing on the first date...that's awesome!

    ~SimplyyMayra of
    PonderWonders @


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