Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why we waited to get pregnant

As you've probably gathered from reading my posts for the last few months, we're THRILLED to be welcoming our little boy. Ecstatic. I chalk our happiness up to good timing and blessings. Of course, we would have loved our baby if he had come earlier, but life would have been very different for us. We got to have some wonderful time for learning and creating a strong marital foundation for our future family in the four years we had before babies came along.
We both got to graduate college. We've placed a very high value on education, and always felt that we would be more prepared to provide for our family if we had completed our schooling. Having kids before you graduate can certainly be done, but it also makes it significantly harder.

One of our first nights in our first apartment.

We got to move several times. I love that we've lived in a few different homes together. We got to start over and make a new home each time we moved, and it brought us closer as a couple.

Conrad and me in front of the building he used to work in. Downtown San Diego.

Conrad underwent a job switch and is now settling in at a very stable, opportunistic position. Right by the beach. With a very short commute. This job switch was a huge deal for us. Conrad's work-related happiness was really kind of low at his old job because the commute was all the way in downtown San Diego (an hour-long train ride each way), and by the time he got home, he had hardly any waking time to do anything he liked. Now, with his new job, he gets to travel for work, spend time outside, and is only 10 minutes from home. He has time to surf after work because it's not totally dark when he gets home, and he's had a lot of time to work on side projects. Making the switch with a baby would not have been hard, but we're in such a happy place now. We're much more ready to welcome a baby.

We got to buy a home. We bought our condo after only 2 years of marriage, and will probably have it for the rest of our lives. It's an awesome investment for later in life. We'll rent it out when we want to buy a bigger place for our growing family. We're happy we were able to save up and "get ahead" with our home purchase!

We fell WAY deeper in love. There was so much we didn't know about each other and about ourselves when we were first married. We were so much less mature and prepared compared to now. I throw way fewer tantrums. Conrad does way fewer things to result in my throwing tantrums. We've grown. :)

Did you wait to have kids? Why or why not? Why are you glad that you waited or didn't wait?


  1. As much as my husband and I both look forward to having kids (him: excited about it, me: practically obsessed with our future children) the decision to wait was an easy one because we also feel like that is what's best for us. Besides, in the meantime, I can learn to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now. Congratulations on your baby BTW

  2. I'll admit I had baby fever pretty much as soon as we got married, haha. But we waited and got pregnant after being married 2 years. Our pregnancy wasn't planned, but it only bumped up our plans by 6 months so it was a happy accident :) Looking back I'm glad we waited a few years so we could strengthen our relationship more and be more prepared for a lifetime of selflessness and putting ourselves last - I don't think I would have been ready for all the sacrifices!

  3. We didn't wait long, we were only married 7 months when I got knocked up. Two main reasons, first we weren't super young and I want at least four kids. Second, We had dated for a year before that so we really knew each other well.

    Do I look back and wish we had had a little more "alone" time? Yes and no. Yes because I miss it (as much as I LOVE my babies!) And no because you can't really appreciate it until it's gone.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Hubs and I just graduated, but all along we have planned to wait at least 5 years before having kiddos. I know things don't always go as planned but this just affirmed our decision to me--despite the baby fever I admit I often get.

  5. Well, I suppose we have waited because we've been married 2.5 years and no babies yet. Part of the reason was because I was 19 and a Junior in college when we got married. The other part being that the whole baby fever thing still has yet to hit either one of us...

  6. We waited a couple of years to start trying for a baby so we could really grow as a couple first. I treasure the experiences we had before baby, as they've made us stronger and better prepared now that our precious little is here. <3


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