Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thirty Six

I guess I'm officially full-term. Which means it's now justified for me to say that I want to give birth right this second. Never thought I'd beg for it, but here I am.

I've been waking up every few hours in a sweaty fury, with a weird pain in my stomach that I can only assume is a tiny, pointy baby foot. So I sit here at 5:30 in the morning, queuing up some of this weeks' blog posts (gotta get ahead, you never know when I might go into labor). PS, that picture of me is actually me right now. In my fluffy robe. I don't hide anything from you guys.

This waiting thing is kind of the worst. There's a fully- or nearly fully-developed baby in me, ready to come out, and I'm dying to meet him. Also, the lack of sleep I'm getting lately makes me feel grumpy and slow, and like people are living their lives AT me. How dare that person eat their healthy salad AT me while I sit here and binge on animal-style fries and a burger. I feel like if I'm getting this little sleep, I should at least be waking up to feed a baby or something. Right?

The weird thing is, I'm not actually a whole lot less comfortable. Nothing hurts, nothing is miserable. But almost. And when you start to notice things on your body that make it more evident that you're no longer seventeen, you start to feel like maybe you're about done with this whole pregnancy thing. Like the beginnings of some hideous stretch marks that probably won't show up for another week, so you better go into labor tomorrow. Or swelling ankles that give the mom on Gilbert Grape a run for her money.

But enough complaining. If I had to sum up the whole pregnancy with one word, it would be fun. It's easy to forget how great of a pregnancy I've actually had. It's been fun watching most of the changes. It's been marvelously fun feeling a little boy grow inside me. It's been fun feeling my relationship with Conrad grow. And it will be great fun to sleep on my stomach again, and move at normal human speeds.

In other news, we're almost totally supplied for a baby. Astounding how much stuff a little tiny person requires. We've ordered his stroller and carseat, sold a bunch of bulky furniture items (for the kitchen remodel), and I'm gradually incorporating soft blankets and onesies into our laundry routine so they're nice and clean for him. Pray that it happens soon!


  1. Just so you're aware, you may not be able to sleep in your old position comfortable for some weekks after giving birth. I wish people had told me that before I had my little guy. I was SO excited to able to roll over in bed (switch sides, since I'm a side sleeper) without hurting. As soon as baby pops out, I thought, I'll be able to roll over no problem! Hooray! Not so... Duh! My body was recovering from labor. I just wish someone had told me.

    Also, bring an empty bag to stash the pads, ice packs, and soothing spray the nurses give you. If you "run out" (by which I mean take some home) they'll give you more to use at the hospital, and I can PROMISE you that you'll appreciate having the stash when you get home.

  2. *comfortably*

    Oh, and I don't mean to scare you. The discomfort is TOTALLY worth it. Your heart will grow three sizes when you meet your little baby in person. <3

  3. Gosh, I remember these exact feelings. But for me, it only got harder AFTER baby came. I wish I would have enjoyed those last few weeks instead of doing everything in my power to get her out! Can't wait to meet your little angel!!


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