Friday, July 12, 2013


As much as I'd like to curl up in a ball all weekend and sleep two days away, I know that that is both unproductive and impossible. I can't sleep much longer than three hours at a time these days. I've got my third and final baby shower tomorrow morning, my brother's mission farewell party in the evening, his farewell at church on Sunday, and a whole lot of thank you notes to write. Busy weekend! I foresee several naps and a couple restless nights, regardless of exhaustion.

My very best friend from college gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Juniper Jean yesterday, and I am now officially dying to give birth. The whole thing just seems magical. It's ok, I keep telling myself. The Boy needs a little bit more time. He likes it in there. He rolls over and gets comfortable, and he never really keeps me awake with his movements (my own horrible body does a fine job of that).

This boy is perfect.

We've gotten the ball rolling on our kitchen remodel, and we're estimating that it will be finished (or very nearly) in just over three weeks. My dream come true would be that we finish the kitchen and then that evening I go into labor.

Happy weekend!

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