Tuesday, August 13, 2013

End-of-Summer Goals

I read this post and was totally inspired to write some seasonal goals! I'm a MAJOR goal setter but I've never been so on board with New Year's Resolutions, since you really only assess your progress once a year at the very end. And nobody really keeps their resolutions past March, anyway. I loved Bon's idea of setting summer goals, and I had the idea to do it for each season. At the end of the season, you can see how you did, and you have next season to pick up where you slacked off.

There's still over a month left of summer, officially, so here are the goals I want to accomplish by September 22. I'll do another post at that time and see how I did, and set my Fall goals.

+ HAVE MY BABY. Considering I'm 39 weeks pregnant, I'm pretty sure this is a very accomplishable goal. Let's start with a guaranteed success and go from there!

+ GET DOWN TO 150 pounds. I weigh a little over 170 now, baby and all, so I figure with birth and nursing for four weeks, that's a pretty reasonable goal. I'll plan to lose more in the Fall, but as for the end of summer, I think 150 is doable.

+ HELP CONRAD more with Sendrecurring.com, and get the paid version ready to launch. Finish designing the icons and layout of the site.

+ HAVE OUR FAMILY PICTURES TAKEN. Those little froggy newborn legs go away so quickly, I want to make sure we have some beautiful, professional pictures to remember them, and to capture our tired, happy, new-parent glow.

+ FILL MY JOURNAL. It's kind of weird to want to finish a journal, but I love the feeling of filling in that last page and moving on to a new, empty book, like your next chapter is starting! In my case, with having a baby, a new chapter really is starting.

+ READ TWO MORE BOOKS. This seems kind of measly, but I expect that it will be really hard to read with a newborn, so I'm setting my goal low. If I meet it or exceed it, awesome! If I don't, it's not like it was a huge deal, and I don't need to beat myself up for it while I'm dealing with the Baby Blues. I just started my fifth book this month, so if I can finish it plus one more, I'll feel really great about it.
1. Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
2. Wither by Lauren DeStefano

(3.) Life of Pi
(4.) The Book Thief
(If I magically have the time or energy, I'll read 3 and 4)

I think it's smart to always have something to read. Always be expanding your mind, exposing yourself to stories and writing styles and information. I'm currently familiarizing myself with young adult fiction, both for research purposes and because it's just plain fun.

+ FINISH MY BABY BOOK SMASH BOOK. I crammed for about a month and documented almost my whole pregnancy. I'd like to finish it by the Fall, because, as these things go, the longer you go without finishing it, the less likely you are to ever actually do so. I'll post lots and lots of pictures once it's done! (Is a Smash book ever really done?)


  1. Have you tried audio books? They let me do far more "reading" than I otherwise would have managed during those first months post-baby.

  2. I love reading while I nurse. It's a little hard with just one hand, but a great way to pass the time.


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