Thursday, August 22, 2013


I'd love to tell you, five days after my due date, that I am a happy, tired mama of a new baby. Instead, I'm a five-days-overdue, tired but super-productive almost-mama. A friend from high school wrote me a sweet email congratulating me on my "future son." Future my foot, is what I would have said three days ago. He should be my "current son." But my never-been-pregnant-before body just can't figure out how to let this little guy out.

I was actually having a really hard time staying happy about staying pregnant. I started to get extra grumps due to lack of sleep and resulting impatience (especially while driving). And did I mention lack of sleep? But two separate conversations have totally changed my attitude about being overdue:

1. At my last doctor's appointment the day before I was due, my doctor saw the fatigue in my eyes and told me a secret I wish I had been told weeks ago: It's ok to take some benadryl and have a nice, medicated sleep session.
2. My mom reminded me of some loved ones of ours who have struggled to get pregnant (and to keep their babies once they got pregnant), and to think of them when I feel like complaining about being too pregnant.

So I've been taking one benadryl before bed each night for the last two days, and thinking happy, grateful thoughts, and suddenly, I'm fine staying pregnant. Our kitchen remodel that we started ON MY DUE DATE is underway (making amazingly quick progress), and I'm actually grateful for the extra few days we've had to get the rest of our ducks in a row. Cabinets were installed yesterday, granite guy is coming to template today, painter is coming tomorrow. Things are happening, and they all know we may be in the hospital for a short period, and have offered to come to the house and continue working while we're out, so when we bring the baby home, there will be less to do.

People are great. Benadryl is great. And my baby knows I'm nervous to share him, so he's giving me a few extra days of "just the two of us" time. My induction is scheduled for Saturday, so if I don't post, you know why!


  1. Eek! Crossing my fingers for a safe delivery...whenever baby boy decides to come :)

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