Wednesday, September 18, 2013


For one of my end-of-summer goals, I wanted to have some family and newborn pictures taken. Henry was 13 days old and looking ever so much like an 85 year-old man. He was wide awake and cooperative for the first bit with all three of us and the ones of mom and baby and dad and baby. Once we switched to baby by himself, he simply wouldn't have one second more of this camera business.

Our poor photographer tried to calm him, but as she was unfamiliar, it only made it worse. I'm checking the "disrupted schedule" and "overstimulation" boxes as reasons for his upset. But we sure did get some pretty cute pictures. You never regret good pictures, is what I say, especially when Conrad protests family photography shoots with all his might. Then he gives in, and my words come true. You never regret good pictures.

After all, he'd only be a 13-day-old 85-year-old man once in his whole life, and we simply had to capture it while the froggy legs were still froggy and his head still had all that feathery newborn hair. And can I just say, HIS LIPS. Ugh. What am I going to do with this little toothless mouth? I'll tell you what. I'm going to kiss it square on the lips every single day until he says I can't do that anymore because his friends make fun of him. Then I'll have a good cry about it because my baby isn't 13 days old anymore.


  1. The cuteness! I die. Soak it in, because those newborn days are so easy to forget.

  2. Those pictures came out so great! That third picture is my absolute favorite. Love love love.


  3. These photos are precious. I love the one of Conrad holding his sleeping boy and the one of you bent over Henry. So sweet!

  4. Oh just stop. He is WAY TOO PRECIOUS!!!


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