Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I guess technically he's a bag, not a bank, but for the sake of rhyme (also Hank the Tank, Crank, and Plank), we'll keep it. Happy Halloween from the Frames! May you eat as much chocolate as you can. And eat mine for me too, since, Hank the Blank doesn't seem to be too happy when I eat it (I've been off it since week one. Go me in the self-discipline category). 

Also, failed attempt at dying hair tips blue. Check and check. 
If you can't look hideous on Halloween, when can you?

I think we all know who the real star is here. Batman. You see it. 


  1. Good job with no chocolate!! I had to avoid dairy for like three months to help with Axel's gas. Ice cream was hard to give up.

  2. No chocolate AT ALL!? That would be so tough! Oh the hardships of life!! LOL!! But seriously, I would be really sad about that. Happy Halloween! And yes, Batman... he takes the cake.



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