Thursday, December 5, 2013


I'm a week late on posting about this, but Thanksgiving was awesome. It always is. It tends to get overlooked between Halloween and Christmas, but there's something to Thanksgiving that is just awesome (it's the food, let's not pretend it isn't).

Conrad and I got engaged right before Thanksgiving five years ago. His extended family was huge, and I was meeting them all for the first time, so I wanted to make a good impression. So, naturally, I made food. I brought pretzel raspberry jello, and instantly won hearts. I've made it every Thanksgiving since, and it was officially declared to be my sister-in-law's favorite Thanksgiving dish. It's officially part of the menu. This year, I volunteered to make stuffing again (I made it two or three years ago), as well as the PRJ. The whole thing was just dreamy. A little baby in the house, a cinnamon candle spicing the place up, Far and Away playing on Netflix, the lights turned dim. I was sauteeing the celery and onions and doing all the many steps for the PRJ, just daydreaming about future Thanksgivings. Maybe I'll host someday, and maybe it will be the best Thanksgiving ever. Our siblings and their kids, all the grandparents, the turkey surf. Maybe an afternoon bike ride, pie and movies, the Secret Santa drawing.

We ducked out early for bedtime, as early bedtimes are a THING on Thanksgiving. All those calories are exhausting!

Black Friday was quite the day for us. Conrad went surfing in the pouring rain, then we went and saw Hunger Games (Henry's first movie! He did great), and then we BOUGHT A NEW CAR???

I didn't see it coming. We've been talking about a new car for a couple years, actually, and once Henry came, the car started having more problems, which was more of a problem since, you know, there was a baby in the car. So we skipped on down to the dealership, talked about leases versus loans, and bought us a car.

And I'm in love with it, and I feel safe and blessed. This was a big year for us. New baby, new kitchen, new car. Looks like this Christmas will be a Christmas of "needs." Hope everyone had as great of a four-day weekend as we did!


  1. I love the little owl hat! Too cute!

  2. Congrats on the new car! All of our car purchases have been pretty unexpected too - I blame Hubs for that one!

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