Tuesday, January 7, 2014


As I mentioned in yesterday's post on personal goals, I'm working on building my creativity and expanding and developing my talents. I was inspired by a blogger to do a "birthday challenge," and as I'm turning 25 this year, I will be doing 25 projects. I thought it was the perfect challenge for this goal. I'm hoping it will stretch me and I'll be able to try some new things - maybe even some Pinterest projects! They will be medium to large projects and crafts, and I already have a few in mind that I'd like to do. I'll be sharing them every other week, and I'm itching to reveal my first one this Friday!

I stated last week that in my new big plans for the blog, I would not be taking regular blog sponsors anymore. However, due to the time and cost that twenty five medium to large projects will require, I will be accepting sponsors for this challenge. If you have a small business that sells crafting supplies or handmade items that you would like to take part, please email me at tess[at]theframedlady.com for more info and rates. Your small banner ad would run at the bottom of the (single) relevant project post and your product will be credited. I will be choosing sponsors that best suit the blog's audience and the current project. If there isn't a business that seems like a good fit, there will not be an ad. My goal is not to flood the blog with sponsors for the sake of money.  

Look for project #1 this Friday!

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