Thursday, January 9, 2014


Once I got pregnant, and after the morning sickness subsided, I noticed a huge change in my appetite. Where I normally craved pasta and sweets, I was suddenly craving burgers and pizza and anything beef. I thought (and worried) that my diet would go back to the high-carb, low-protein disaster after I gave birth, but it didn't. I still eat at least two burgers a week, and have pizza about three times a month.

After tasting a similar pizza at a place close to our house, I knew I had to try and make it at home (for much cheaper, duh).

It's so easy. Normally, I make this pizza dough, but today, out of laziness and convenience, I used pre-made dough from the store.

Pizza dough
Garlic olive oil (I use this one - it's amazing!)
Mozzarella cheese
Ricotta cheese
Fresh basil
Shredded cooked chicken

Prebake the crust according to directions, then brush with garlic olive oil and top with plenty of chicken and mozzarella cheese. Dollop ricotta as preferred, and bake until crust is fully cooked and cheese is melted. Top with fresh basil and enjoy with a dirty diet Dr. Pepper!

PS - Mango Tandoori Chicken Pizza

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