Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SENDRECURRING - a blogger's best friend

Yep. You heard it here first. The blogger's best friend is no longer the tripod. Just teasing, all you fashion bloggers! 

One of the hardest things for me when I was doing lots of group giveaways and milestone giveaways and other cross-promotions with bloggers was that I had to type out monthly emails calling for sponsors, swap ads, and giveaway donations, and it became so time-consuming, which, after a while, let me straight into discouragement, because I'd spend time drafting emails that would get lost or sent to the wrong people, and my giveaways and promotions wouldn't be as big as I had aimed.

I also struggled with a couple different email services (yahoo and gmail, to be specific), because they didn't offer a recurring email service. At least not for free. And being a new mom with a busy-and-getting-busier six-month-old, I simply didn't and don't have time to waste on correcting and drafting new emails to send to my whole blogging network. Finally, I found Sendrecurring, which solves all of those problems.

It's a free recurring email service that sends out your emails every month or week (or however often you want). All you have to do is type up one single email, enter your contacts, and set up your send increments.

An example of an email I'd send [this is not a real email; please do not send money]:
Hey blogging friends!
It's that time again: The Monthly Group Giveaway! If you'd like the opportunity to grow your audience, gain exposure in the blogosphere, and make some friends (and maybe even win something), just reply to this email with the following information.
The name of your blog or shop
The item you are giving away (should be tangible with a minimum value of $15)
One entry you would like people to complete on your behalf (follow you on instagram, etc.)

Additional entries are $1 each. Submit the money via Paypal to my email address, and include your additional entry in the email. 

I hope you're all having a great week, and thanks for your valuable networking!
The Framed Lady

Now, I make a very small percentage of income from these types of giveaways, which means I need my services to be as cost-effective as possible. Sendrecurring offers free accounts (as well as really reasonably priced monthly-payment accounts), and it's perfect for most bloggers' needs. I also use it to send myself monthly and weekly reminders, which comes in really handy when I'm knee-deep in laundry, the baby is finally asleep, and my brain is too fried to remember what I was supposed to write this week.

And Sendrecurring is not just for bloggers. If you're a business person, student, or teacher, schedule recurring reminders for meetings, study groups, or classes. If you're an at-home mom, send reminders to yourself or your partner to pay bills or schedule play dates or home-preschool (also good for reminding other moms of home-preschool days). They even came out with a text message reminder service for those of us who find texting the best way of communication (you can view other updates and services on the Sendrecurring blog). No matter what your need, it helps you stay organized.

View's press release here, here, and here.
I did not receive payment for this post. Just love the service. 

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