Monday, March 31, 2014

PHOTO DUMP/phone cleanout part 1

My little trooper of a phone started going realllll slow a while back, and after some investigating, I concluded that it was because of the two thousand photos in my storage, and it was time to do a cleanout. I know nobody cares about a photo dump post except me and maybe my family, and that I already posted most of these photos on the blog anyway, but here you go anyway, for your browsing pleasure (or displeasure). I'm obviously not posting all 2000 pictures, but I wanted to make sure a bunch of them were on the blog, so I decided to do a two-part series of the photos I wanted to put up here. Part 1 is from my late pregnancy to Henry's birth.


  1. Henry is just so cute. I pretty much followed your whole pregnancy (creeper status because I never posted comments. Sorry) I love his little face!

    1. That's really sweet! Your baby boy is so adorable too!

  2. I am totally in the same boat as you about picture overload. Ah!

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